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Search Engines

Search engines can lead you to the information you need. Because each have different methods of collecting and classifying data, you may have to submit your search on multiple engines.  These engines should get you started.  A Web site with additional information about search engines is Search Engine Watch.

Multiple Engines

        Dogpile -- searches multiple engines, shows results by engine

        Metacrawler -- searches multiple engines, shows results co-mingled

        Search.Com -- searches search engines, shows results co-mingled.  Can search specialized engines also.   

         HighBeam Research -- can search the Web, also their library of articles

         Kartoo -- visualizes your search through maps.  Very interesting to use

         Surfwax -- aggregates search results and allows for customization

         Vivisimo -- aggregates search results into clusters so you can look at specific information

         ZAPMETA -- can sort results numerous ways.  Also allows you to preview Web pages

Individual Engines

Yahoo! -- the granddaddy of them all

Google -- has the largest number of pages indexed

Ask -- search engine with a variety of tools

MSN Search -- promises faster search.  You can also search MSN content

Gigablast -- searches entire sites.  Shows when pages have been modified.  Also suggests other searches -- business centered search.  Powered by Google.

AltaVista -- typical search engine, good as a start page. Subsidiary of Yahoo!

AlltheWeb -- another Yahoo! subsidiary, with billions of pages indexed

WiseNut -- LookSmart's search engine.  Can preview Web page

Open Directory -- 4 million site directory with sites reviewed by volunteer editors

Specialized Search Utilities

Topica -- mailing list directory

Google Groups  -- searches Usenet newsgroups with over 1 billion posts

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