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Competitive Intelligence

General Information -- general resources to assist with competitive intelligence projects

Intellectual Property -- databases of patents, trademarks, and copyrights

Benchmarking -- resources to compare your company to the competition

Quality/Customer Satisfaction -- determine competitor weaknesses as revealed by their customers

Books -- books on how to compete, conduct competitive intelligence, and benchmarking

Associations -- competitive intelligence associations

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General Competitive Intelligence Info -- contains much gateway information about knowledge management and business intelligence

National Association of Secretaries of State -- business registration page links to the numerous filings with Secretaries of State

VMS -- maintains global advertising library with various reports on advertising spend by company and market

TNS Media Intelligence/CMR -- leading provider of marketing communication and advertising expenditure information to advertising agencies, advertisers, broadcasters and publishers.  Publishes industry summaries and forecasts.  Can also obtain company info.

Company Data -- sources for general data on specific companies.  See below links for compliance and other info

OSHA Data -- private supplier of regulatory compliance data.  Must sign-up to use and pay for information

OSHA Establishment Information -- provides information on inspections, violations, and fines

EPA Envirofacts Data Warehouse -- one stop source for environmental information. Lists discharge data by company, providing insight to plant capacity and processes

EPA -- can search by company to learn regulatory compliance

Scorecard -- alternative to EPA site.  Tracks hazardous materials release.  Sponsored by Environmental Defense

Open Secrets -- political contributions recorded at the Federal Elections Commission by companies and individuals

FBI -- you may want to search for fraud investigations

Commerce Business Daily -- discover how much your competitor is selling to the government

County Assessors -- find assessors and some property values online

Search Systems -- gateway to public records, many free

Standard Directory of Advertisers -- contains exclusive information on over 24,000 U.S. and international advertisers who each spend more than $200,000 annually on advertising. Each listing includes advertising expenditures by media, current agency, fiscal year-end and annual sales, contact information on key personnel, brand name info, S.I.C. classifications and other key data.  Must purchase

AdRelevance -- tracks Internet advertising.  Can obtain information on your competitors.

WHOIS -- search WHOIS database to find who owns a domain name

Market Relevance -- helps you understand your marketplace by giving you the who, what, when, where and why of other marketers’ promotions, primarily direct mail.  Offers free 3-day trial

Trade Shows -- a wealth of information yours for the asking.  Use these directories to target shows you need to attend

Fuld and Company -- includes white papers on competitive intelligence, links to other resources, and information on their own company

ZoomInfo -- look-up info by company and person.  Also offers subscription to find current employees and more robust searching

Industry at a Glance Reports -- reports on various industries with substantial small business presence

Wayback Internet Archive -- see how a company's Web site has evolved

InfoTech Marketing -- our sponsor.  Check out their competitive intelligence capabilities

Competia -- articles about competitive intelligence and strategic planning

CyberAlert -- media monitoring service -- a fully-automated worldwide press clipping, broadcast monitoring and Web clipping service.  Offers free trial

Industry Research Desk -- links to many company and industry resources

Google Alerts-- monitor news about your competitors

Watch That Page -- a service that enables you to automatically collect new information from your favorite pages on the Internet. You select which pages to monitor, and WatchThatPage will find which pages have changed, and collect all the new content for you. The new information is presented to you in an email and/or a personal web page. You can specify when the changes will be collected, so they are fresh when you want to read them. The service is free, but professional and heavy users are requested to pay a fee.

Compete -- Web analytics service to see how many visitors go to competitor Web sites

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Colorado Connection

Colorado Secretary of State -- find information about Colorado companies and licensees.  Also, you can find who is contributing to political campaigns

Colorado County Assessors -- links to county assessors and public records in Colorado

Department of Regulatory Agencies -- protects the public interest by regulating businesses and individuals such as banks, telephone companies, doctors, insurance companies, electricians and accountants.

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Intellectual Property

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office -- searchable databases of patents and trademarks

U.S. Library of Congress Copyrights -- searchable database of copyrights

Canadian Patent Database -- searchable

Japanese Patent Office -- searchable database of Japanese patent abstracts and trademarks

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American Productivity and Quality Center -- provides benchmarking reports on marketing, new product development, sales, strategy, and more.  Must purchase many repots, but can download useful executive summaries for free.

NIST National Quality Program -- sponsors of the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award.  Includes quality reference materials, winners profiles, and application materials.

Benchnet Exchange -- participate in surveys and exchange data

Expense Management: The Route to Best Practices for Mid-size Companies -- best practices for expense management at mid-size companies.  Sponsored by American Express

Industry Week Benchmarks -- affordable benchmarking tool for manufacturing plants

Business Ratios

Annual Statement Studies -- numerous ratios organized by SIC/NAICS from over 150,000 statements submitted to members of the Risk Management Association. Can purchase in various formats.

Key Business Ratios -- 14 business ratios for solvency, efficiency, and profitability from Dun & Bradstreet.  Must purchase

MSN Money - Stock Financial Results Key Ratios: Investing -- gives ratios for industry groups based on the company you select.  Free

Quarterly Financial Report for Manufacturing, Mining, and Trade Companies -- income and balance sheet data reported quarterly by industry.  Free

IRS Statistics of Income -- very general income and balance sheet data by sector and business size.  Free

Bizstats -- expense ratios for small businesses.  Free

Financial Analysis: balance sheet, financial ratios, financial ratio, income statement, net worth -- from BizMiner.  Select from numerous industries.  As of 2005, $69 per industry.

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Quality/Customer Satisfaction

J.D. Power & Associates -- various customer satisfaction survey results

American Customer Satisfaction Index -- a uniform and independent measure of household consumption experience. The ACSI is produced through a partnership of the Stephen M. Ross Business School at the University of Michigan, the American Society for Quality (ASQ), and the international consulting firm, CFI Group. -- reviews and prices of various consumer products -- an online community and social network built around one of the most extensive and diverse online databases of opinions, ratings, and reviews in the world. -- a source of user-generated buying advice for outdoor sporting goods and consumer electronics. -- consumer reviews and prices.  Affiliated with

Planet Feedback -- ratings of various companies, with comparisons to competitors

The Complaint Station -- read verbatim complaints -- a database of personal, first-hand, consumer experiences with products and services.

Better Business Bureau -- find complaints and resolutions.  Search by company.

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Competitive Intelligence


On Competition -- Michael Porter.  Hardcover.  4½ Star Customer Review.  Booklist.   A highly respected academic and authority on strategy and competition, Porter draws together his articles on competition, which together provide a rigorous and useful framework for bridging the gap between theory and practice. The book has three sections. The first takes on competitive strategy, evaluating strategies and weaknesses for business, while the second addresses the role of location in competition experienced by government entities. Porter notes that prosperity in both companies and countries depends on the nature of the local environment in which the competition takes place. With an understanding of domestic and international competition, part 3 offers insight into such societal issues as urban poverty, health care, and income inequality. Porter concludes that competition is certain to be evolving, unsettling, and the source of our prosperity. Mary Whaley
Copyright© 1998, American Library Association. All rights reserved

Online Competitive Intelligence : Increase Your Profits Using Cyber-Intelligence -- by Helen Burwell, Carl R. Ernst, Michael Sankey.  Paperback.  41/2 Star Customer Review.  464 pages.   This unique, readable guide reveals inside information on "where to find" and "how to use" the best commercial and Internet sources to achieve success in today's business environment. This work emphasizes the use of this data to assess and develop corporate strategies that will beat the competition to the marketplace, build and retain market share, and maximize profits.

Confidential: Uncover Your Competitors' Top Business Secrets Legally and Quickly--and Protect Your Own -- by John Nolan.  Hardcover.  41/2 Star Customer Review.  384 pages. 1999.  John Nolan, a 22-year veteran of international espionage who is currently involved in corporate intelligence-gathering, shows you how to ask, what to ask, when to ask, and whom to ask.

Competitor Targeting: Winning the Battle for Market and Customer Share -- by Ian Gordon.  Paperback.  320 pages.  2001.  Good book describing intelligence process and specific competitor targeting.

Competitive Intelligence:  How to Gather, Analyze and Use Information to Move Your Business to the Top -- Larry Kahaner.  Paperback.  5 Star Customer Review.  Synopsis This book takes readers beyond the Information Age and into the Age of Intelligence, explaining how to turn the raw facts, statistics, and numbers about competitors' activities and market trends into practical guidelines for making the right business decisions. "Help separate the useless from the useful".--"USA Today". BOMC Selection National print and radio publicity.

The Warroom Guide to Competitive Intelligence -- Steven M Shaker and Mark P Gembick.   Hardcover.  4½ Star Customer Review.  Book Description:
The WarRoom Guide to Competitive Intelligence will put readers on the front lines of the business battlefield.  "Intelligence" is defined as "information concerning the enemy," and in The WarRoom Guide, co-founders of War Room Research LLC (former "spooks" themselves) teach business people how to gather and manage the flow of this information, and then act upon it, in order to vanquish their competitors.   This book shows managers how to develop their own competitive intelligence organizations; systematically collect, analyze, and disseminate important information; and understand the fundamentals of intelligence and the issues and requirements that affect key decision-making. Using a trade show for a case study, the authors take readers through the entire process of collecting competitive intelligence.

Internet Business Intelligence: How to Build a Big Company System on a Small Company Budget -- by David Vine.  Paperback.  438 pages.   2000.  Some good Web sites and useable information.

The New Competitor Intelligence: The Complete Resource for Finding, Analyzing, and Using Information about Your Competitors -- by Leonard Fuld.  Paperback.  512 pages.   1994.  Good introductory book by a leading practitioner.  Somewhat dated.

Controversies in Competitive Intelligence : The Enduring Issues -- by Craig S. Fleisher and David L. Blenkhorn.  Hardcover.  344 pages.  2003.  24 individual papers about competitive intelligence.  Themed around External Context-Specific Issues, Data Collection and Analysis, Evaluation and Control, and Organizational Issues.

Strategic and Competitive Analysis: Methods and Techniques for Analyzing Business Competition -- by Craig S. Fleisher and Babette E. Bensoussan.  Paperback.  457 pages.  2003.  Useful techniques for competitive intelligence and bigger strategy issues.  Shows how to implement the techniques.


Benchmarking for Best Practices:Winning Through Innovative Adaptation -- Christopher E Bogan and Michael J English.  Hardcover. 5 Star Customer Review.  Synopsis: Packed with dramatic case studies, this step-by-step guide shows managers how to adopt the seminal benchmarking techniques revolutionizing quality at companies like Federal Express, AT&T, and other industry leaders. Features timesaving tips, evaluation charts, graphs, ethics, and antitrust guidelines. 50 illus.

The 8 Practices of Exceptional Companies: How Great Organizations Make the Most of Their Human Assets -- Jac Fitz-Enz.  Hardcover Reviews Business and Investment Editor's Recommended Book Business and Investment Editor's Recommended Book What makes an organization great? After a four-year study of more than 1,000 companies worldwide, management consultant Jac Fitz-Enz says it is people--and the way they are developed and nurtured. In The 8 Practices of Exceptional Companies, he presents the top "human asset management" practices uncovered during his search and shows how other organizations can adopt them as their own. The result, he contends, will be higher profits along with more committed employees.


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Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) -- includes the society's journal about competitive intelligence and other useful information

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Colorado Connection

Rocky Mountain Chapter of SCIP 

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